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21 Sep 2012 | Random

This is an image of the National Peace Officers Memorial in Washington DC from this summer.  It means probably more to me than most, 34 of the men that have their name etched here worked for the agency I work for and were killed in the line of duty.  Since I have been there 10 of the 34 have lost their lives.

I was on my way home Monday and I came upon some citizen’s standing by a semi truck pulled over to the side of the road.  I wasn’t sure what was going on so I pulled up to see the driver slumped over the seat and unconscious, it was obvious he had a heart attack and was lifeless.  As I pulled over the ambulance showed up and then the fire department arrived on the scene.  I have watched numerous times in my 29 years people fighting for others lives, it is an incredible experience. To watch them take a person for all practical purposes that is deceased and bring them back to life, fighting for this person and not giving up leaves me believing that people out there still care for more than just themselves.  Yes, I know that is their job but it is still an incredible sight.

I have seen some incredible work done by these men and women in emergency services.  I have also witnessed some of the most incredible fights for life in Emergency Rooms by ER/Trauma doctors and nurses that would blow you away, they are incredible caring people.

On Monday I know they got a heartbeat back for this truck driver at the scene, I hope he survived.

It touches me even deeper because the most special person in my life besides my kid is alive today because of these two groups of people and the Grace of God.

Don’t take life for granted,  what you have today could be gone tomorrow.  Go out and do something special for someone today, better yet do something special or heroic in your own way everyday!


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